Try Stepping in Samui Shoes

ShoesFinding the right pair of shoes is an art. One could even say that in order to do so it requires talent and years of practice.

There is a place on Samui where shopping Samui Shoescatastrophes have become a thing of the past. Samui Shoes, located in the heart of Nathon, just at the end of the centre street, 50 metres from the 7-11 that lies on the ocean banks, caters to those who not only are looking for a shoe that fits, but has personality.
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Oh Samui… My Vacation Home

The island of Koh Samui is basically divided into beaches, each one maintaining its own special atmosphere and attraction.
At Grandfather - Grandmother rocksHin Ta, Hin Yai, natural rock formations
Samui is small enough to drive around in about an hour, but has a multitude of attractions to keep people occupied and interested for months on end. Continue reading

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Oh Samui – The Island with the best Date Possibilities for your Girl

  1. Hopes for a holiday on Koh SamuiRaise her hopes for a holiday, and then say nothing for a few weeks while you secretly do the bookings. Present your grand plan to go to Samui when she is least expecting it.
  2. Discover a destination on the island that has everything except the crowds-and that’s in season. Then take her there. Easy to find and you’ll reap the rewards for months to come.  Continue reading
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Karaoke Knights – Samui Style

Local Samui karaoke barIf you’re a crooner who likes the limelight, you are in for a treat when you walk through the doors to your local Samui karaoke bar. Beautiful lady with chaba blossom in her hairNow it might be the blacked out windows, or perhaps the small groups of women hanging out in the shadows of the bar that make you question what sorts of songs are being sung in this establishment. But one thing is for sure, whatever you are here for, the music is the key. Continue reading

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Big Balls of Water – Koh Samui’s Slippery Ride

A ball filled with water that you ride inside of down a long rampThere is a great phenomenon occurring on the resort island of Koh Samui. People have finally gathered up enough courage to put down the coconuts and ignore the water buffalo fighting, drop the bar girls and Sangsom buckets and have some good crazy fun.

Samui Water Ball, commonly known as ‘Zorbing’, is a ball inflated with air and then filled with water that you ride inside of down a long ramp.
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Lost in Lamai

The Beach Road of Lamai is perhaps one of the most what's behind the shops along the Beach Roadintriguing streets that Samui has to offer. Regardless of what you are in search of, there will be a shop, a treasure or an amazing beachfront that will catch your eye and drag you gently through the doors of a new adventure. Take a day away from the comforts of your holiday resort to find what there is behind the shops along the Beach Road.

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The Spas of Koh Samui – not just for the ladies

Koh Samui spa treatments for menA growing number of men have joined the sexual populace of many of the spas on the holiday paradise island of Koh Samui. Now don’t get it wrong, the finer gender are the majority of those inhabiting the Day Spas, and Resort Spas on the island of Samui, but the number of men who lie still, bodies covered with Algae Wraps and Eyebrow Wax may just surprise you.  Continue reading

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Destinations for Rejuvenation

On Samui you can have plastic surgery from breast implants to nose jobs, dental surgeries, or LasikThai hospitals have become known world-wide, and this fact has aided in the awareness that their facilities have become geared towards long term growth in medical tourism, raising their standards to rest among the best in the world. Thailand, has over 400 private hospitals throughout its Kingdom, there are 4 hospitals on Samui alone. These hospitals are staffed with doctors who have been trained over-seas, and all contain a specialist who can ensure that communication is no barrier. Continue reading

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Recreational Surgery

When thinking of Koh Samui, one’s thoughts tend to drift towards tropical spas and meditation, yoga and body rejuvenation, healthy herbs and ancient forms of massage. Yoga at the private swimming pool of Coconut Samui VillasOf course let’s not forget the shores of sandy beaches and pristine oceans. Although these are the driving forces behind the tourism industry in Thailand, there is an incredible business being generated, catering towards those who are not trying to prevent health problems, but for those who wish to improve their physical attributes.

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She Sings for Koh Samui – The Lady-boy Cabarets

Perhaps one of the most amazing attractions to Amazing Thailand is not the majestic scenery, not the unfathomable Buddha statues carved into mountainsides, Preparations for the shownor the glamorous sunsets that ignite the Kingdom with a fiery passion for holiday adventure. It just might be in fact the Lady-boy Shows.

Unless you have your eyes closed then it’s inevitable that you have seen at least one Lady-boy up close, but where the amazement comes to eye-popping disbelief is when they are on stage! Continue reading

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