Destinations for Rejuvenation

On Samui you can have plastic surgery from breast implants to nose jobs, dental surgeries, or LasikThai hospitals have become known world-wide, and this fact has aided in the awareness that their facilities have become geared towards long term growth in medical tourism, raising their standards to rest among the best in the world. Thailand, has over 400 private hospitals throughout its Kingdom, there are 4 hospitals on Samui alone. These hospitals are staffed with doctors who have been trained over-seas, and all contain a specialist who can ensure that communication is no barrier. Samui is rapidly emerging as not only a popular holiday resort choice, but also as a centre for health and wellness. So whether you develop a health problem, or are seeking a specialised treatment, you’ll find that the island’s health facilities are well equipped to handle most of your needs.

If you come here for a medical procedure, you’ll also have a wide range of luxury hotels, spectacular beaches, great restaurants and a host of leisure activities to choose from during your stay. The demand is growing in the tropical destination of Koh Samui for many procedures that can be performed quickly, as well as for more prolonged recovery time operations. Medical tourists from all over the world have chosen Koh Samui as their destination for rejuvenation.

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  1. Eco Samui says:

    What types of surgeries can you get in Koh Samui?

    • There are an increasing amount of specialties that are performed in Koh Samui every year. As the demand for these recreational surgeries increases, so do more types of surgeries become available. Currently on Samui you can have plastic surgery from breast implants to nose jobs, dental surgeries, Lasik an even a sex change.

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