She Sings for Koh Samui – The Lady-boy Cabarets

Perhaps one of the most amazing attractions to Amazing Thailand is not the majestic scenery, not the unfathomable Buddha statues carved into mountainsides, Preparations for the shownor the glamorous sunsets that ignite the Kingdom with a fiery passion for holiday adventure. It just might be in fact the Lady-boy Shows.

Unless you have your eyes closed then it’s inevitable that you have seen at least one Lady-boy up close, but where the amazement comes to eye-popping disbelief is when they are on stage!

The shows in themselves are great fun. The costumes, glamour and energetic dance routines set to lively upbeat belting songs are nothing short of fabulous, and for a veteran or a novice visitor it is impossible not to smile, Lady boy make uptap you feet, sing-along and get caught up in the infectious energy. Groups of hetero-birthday goers, gaggles of women on holiday and the more inquisitive find that the Lady-boy Cabaret really hits the mark as an entertaining diversion. Truly the intrigue for every member of the audience surrounds the transformations from boy to girl, and the ‘Is it a he or she’ question. The, ‘You would never know’ amazement for some, mostly men, is a little frightening, but all of this is part of the draw for the audience.

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2 Responses to She Sings for Koh Samui – The Lady-boy Cabarets

  1. Are there shows suitable for all ages?

    • On the whole these shows are acceptable as a PG venue. The humour is mostly slapstick, but does not delve into the hardcore. It is a little mischievous, there are a few ‘nipple-slips’ here and there, but it can be entertaining for all ages. The Mayor of Koh Samui and his young daughter even cut the ribbon for the grand opening of the newest venues on Koh Samui.