Recreational Surgery

When thinking of Koh Samui, one’s thoughts tend to drift towards tropical spas and meditation, yoga and body rejuvenation, healthy herbs and ancient forms of massage. Yoga at the private swimming pool of Coconut Samui VillasOf course let’s not forget the shores of sandy beaches and pristine oceans. Although these are the driving forces behind the tourism industry in Thailand, there is an incredible business being generated, catering towards those who are not trying to prevent health problems, but for those who wish to improve their physical attributes.

The cost of healthcare in Thailand is at present, only a fraction of that compared to more developed, overseas countries. Samui has begun to experience a formidable stream of revenue attached to this attraction of clients come to Samui for surgical body enhancementclients searching for body enhancement and reformations. On Koh Samui, all private and public hospitals have extremely high standards, while keeping costs even more competitive, leading to an unbelievably large number of visitors who decide to undergo surgery as part of their holiday.

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  1. I’ve heard that there are many people who come to Thailand just for breast implants. Is this true? And how good are the doctors really?

    • Yes there are in fact a growing number of people who come to Thailand for what have become known as recreational surgeries. How good are they? Just have a look at the population of Ladyboys in Thailand. The doctors here have certainly had lots of practice! 🙂

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