The Spas of Koh Samui – not just for the ladies

Koh Samui spa treatments for menA growing number of men have joined the sexual populace of many of the spas on the holiday paradise island of Koh Samui. Now don’t get it wrong, the finer gender are the majority of those inhabiting the Day Spas, and Resort Spas on the island of Samui, but the number of men who lie still, bodies covered with Algae Wraps and Eyebrow Wax may just surprise you. 

As many other men have had their inauguration into the Spa scene initiated by a spouse or lover, men have in fact found themselves beginning to crave for this Koh Samui spas offer specially designed facials for menextravagant body care, and the desire to attend has become more of an enjoyment than initially imagined. Samui villa renters are constantly asking where they can relax in the hands of an expert masseuse, or within the chair of a 2-hour facial including a masculine manicure and pedicure. And this is one for the record books… men have even begun going without their wives.

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  1. Lazing Lamai says:

    I would love for my husband to go to the Spa with me, but he has such a fear of being there. What can I do to make him feel comfortable with getting a massage or even a foot massage?

    • To be honest with you, I really think that most men love the massages as much as women do. The stigma is in the touching, particularly if the man is married or has a mate. Join him in the massage. Many facilities do this automatically on Koh Samui, where the couple can enjoy a massage side by side. There are even romantic spas, where the couple can enjoy a Jacuzzi together and tea in between sessions, an absolute must try.

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