Lost in Lamai

The Beach Road of Lamai is perhaps one of the most what's behind the shops along the Beach Roadintriguing streets that Samui has to offer. Regardless of what you are in search of, there will be a shop, a treasure or an amazing beachfront that will catch your eye and drag you gently through the doors of a new adventure. Take a day away from the comforts of your holiday resort to find what there is behind the shops along the Beach Road.

The possibilities that hide behind the girly bars.Vendors that specialize in Fisherman Pants, Bread-makers, Glass-blowers, Tailors and an array of artifacts from ancient Thailand are only a handful of the possibilities that hide behind the girly bars and restaurants that line the main strip. Get lost in the streets and Sois that are nameless and as random as is the activities that you will find on the beaches behind them.

And when your day has all but exhausted your curiosity, then return to the entertainment within and enjoy the social atmosphere of Samui’s second largest tourist area.

There will be a shop, a treasure or an amazing beachfront

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2 Responses to Lost in Lamai

  1. I only have a few days on Koh Samui. Where should I take my girlfriend to find the best shopping deals? I’ve heard that Lamai is less expensive and has just as much to offer as the other parts of the island, is this true?

  2. Lamai truly does have a wide variety of shopping venues. As for taking your spouse or counterpart shopping, give yourself a good day to explore the shop-fronts that are only on the Beach Road. If you really want to delve in and capture the complete shopping experience, sit yourself down in a pub and watch a game of football while she peruses the entire street with your wallet in hand.

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