Big Balls of Water – Koh Samui’s Slippery Ride

A ball filled with water that you ride inside of down a long rampThere is a great phenomenon occurring on the resort island of Koh Samui. People have finally gathered up enough courage to put down the coconuts and ignore the water buffalo fighting, drop the bar girls and Sangsom buckets and have some good crazy fun.

Samui Water Ball, commonly known as ‘Zorbing’, is a ball inflated with air and then filled with water that you ride inside of down a long ramp.

For something wacky, new and fun, an inner compartment protects the rideryou have to fit this experience into your holiday on Samui. The Water Ball run is set up at Bophut Hills Golf Club and definitely provides an adrenalin rush alternative for anyone not satisfied with a relatively sedate 9 holes of golf. They put you in a ball, throw in some buckets of water and then push you off a 10metre high tower and down a hill at 20pmh.

Its 200 metres of pure fun and A giant plastic ball full of wateradrenaline, so all you need to do is bring a towel and your swimwear! Perhaps keep the Sangsom buckets handy for some courage.

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  1. What?? Really? This is a giant plastic ball full of water? People are crazy!!

    • Oh Yes we are!!

      The Water Ball has an inner compartment to protect the rider; however this will not stop you from losing your footing and being tossed around like an astronaut out of control in space. The landing is a little harder mind you. Just add water for the safety net. And as the sphere is made of transparent material, you see just how fast you’re rolling down the mountainside. Did we mention that there is no way of stopping you?
      Welcome to Thailand!!

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