Karaoke Knights – Samui Style

Local Samui karaoke barIf you’re a crooner who likes the limelight, you are in for a treat when you walk through the doors to your local Samui karaoke bar. Beautiful lady with chaba blossom in her hairNow it might be the blacked out windows, or perhaps the small groups of women hanging out in the shadows of the bar that make you question what sorts of songs are being sung in this establishment. But one thing is for sure, whatever you are here for, the music is the key.

Don’t be too dissuaded by the ambiance. Order yourself a beer, get yourself on the list for who is singing next and pick out a song. What your first impressions are will soon be tossed away and churned into one for the stories you will recount to your grandchildren. If you’re a pro, then strut your stuff, but be prepared for some heated competition. If you’re there just for some fun, then enjoy the friendly girls that will join you at your table and join in on the party.
Be prepared for some heated competition

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2 Responses to Karaoke Knights – Samui Style

  1. In Samui says:

    Matt in Samui
    Are all of the karaoke bars like this?
    They sound kind of scary!

    • These bars are the sorts that have many lonely girls in the wait, trying to push drinks for a commission. It’s the Thai way so to speak. But to answer you, no. There are karaoke establishments on Samui in the Tesco Lotus in the bowling alley.
      bars with many lonely girls in the waitThere are other more professional locations around Samui as well where you can rent private rooms by the hour and have all of your friends join you for a completely private party. Equipped with state of the art modern equipment and songs in many languages, take a tour of a karaoke bar, and challenge some of the locals to join you. You’ll be surprised. All Thai people love to sing!!

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