Oh Samui – The Island with the best Date Possibilities for your Girl

  1. Hopes for a holiday on Koh SamuiRaise her hopes for a holiday, and then say nothing for a few weeks while you secretly do the bookings. Present your grand plan to go to Samui when she is least expecting it.
  2. Discover a destination on the island that has everything except the crowds-and that’s in season. Then take her there. Easy to find and you’ll reap the rewards for months to come. 
  3. Sunset on Koh SamuiGive her enough notice to organise time off while you lay out your plans. That shows you care about her time. (Or else, you’re just another inconsiderate dud who takes her life for granted.)
  4. Koh Samui island holidayEven if it’s a week-long trip and you know she’s free, resist the urge to keep the surprise till the last minute. Women are fanatical about packing, so it’s wise to give her a day or two to put her stuff together.
  5. Holiday on the beaches of Koh SamuiEvery island holiday in the mountains warrants at least one open-air picnic. You take care of having the resort pack the hamper, instead of leaving it to her. That’s practically as impressive as cooking a meal for her!
  6. Dress like James Bond taking a holiday after the villains are slain. She wants to be proud of being seen out with you. Hint: neutral linens are comfy and stylish on Samui.
  7. Kill the urge to yell like a maniac at the waiter/chauffeur/receptionist when something goes wrong, and in Thailand it probably will at some point. A man who can handle crises without losing it is a man she loves.
  8. Holiday cheap, if you must, but make it look expensive. For example, stay at a reasonably priced resort place such as Coconut Resorts, but have one dinner at a nearby boutique hotel.
  9. Carry one extra folding bag to hold her shopping. She will shop, guaranteed. And thank you for it when you fish out the extra bag.
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  1. Bo Put says:

    Bo Put
    Why only 9? Most lists have 10 good ideas? What’s yours???

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