Oh Samui… My Vacation Home

The island of Koh Samui is basically divided into beaches, each one maintaining its own special atmosphere and attraction.
At Grandfather - Grandmother rocksHin Ta, Hin Yai, natural rock formations
Samui is small enough to drive around in about an hour, but has a multitude of attractions to keep people occupied and interested for months on end.

Just a little good night kiss

The major road, the island’s ring road, circumvents the main body, while smaller roads track off to various places of interest and accommodation. There is something for everyone on Samui. Overlap Stone on the hillside of Lamai, Koh SamuiSophisticated retail outlets and a buzzing nightlife, give way for those with a sense of adventure, to the dramatic scenery and remote natural retreats still found within the interior. Rice paddies, forested mountainsides and the never ending coconut plantations remain to this day, the beauty of the inland on Koh Samui.

From your rental villas on the beaches of Bang Por you will experience the true peace and serenity that this once uninhabited island has to share, as you are exempt of beach peddlers and the hectic buzz of the inner hub.

Mountain view point on Koh Samui

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  1. Eco Samui says:

    Eco Samui
    I am staying at a nearby resort to the Coconut Villas on Bang Por beach. I would like to inquire about renting them next year and securing a villa for the following year as well. How can I do this?

    • Samui holiday makers at Coconut Samui Villas
      The best manner to do this is in person since you are currently there. You may even be able to peruse some of the villas to choose your favourite. If not, their website has an incredible gallery and easy booking for your next choice.

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