Try Stepping in Samui Shoes

ShoesFinding the right pair of shoes is an art. One could even say that in order to do so it requires talent and years of practice.

There is a place on Samui where shopping Samui Shoescatastrophes have become a thing of the past. Samui Shoes, located in the heart of Nathon, just at the end of the centre street, 50 metres from the 7-11 that lies on the ocean banks, caters to those who not only are looking for a shoe that fits, but has personality.
Hand made and fitted to your unique feet, Nimit Meefuang the owner of Samui Shoes, has the gift of designing for you whatever your soles require.

Specialising in leathers, this shoe store does not stop at the bottom floor of unique-wear. Also available are countless items ranging from purses to belts, motorcycle side-bags to gun holsters, and the list goes on.

Specialising in leathers

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  1. La Mai says:

    La Mai: Shoes from Koh Samui
    I am very interested in bringing some of these items home with me. Is this possible?



    • Coconut Samui Villa guest shops at Samui Shoes Samui Shoes has made such an impact on the European market, that they are contracted for hundreds of items to be exported to Holland over the course of the year. If you would like to have some items shipped home, they can arrange it with you.
      Stop in, and step into a pair of Khun Nimit’s shoes, you won’t be disappointed.

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